Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello Friends,

Welcome to our new blog page! We are excited to be starting this phase of our book blogging fun. The three of us have enjoyed sharing our love of reading with all of you. As you may of noticed, the name of this blog is "Book Crazy Gals", which is different than the current Facebook page.  First, a little background....

Mari, Jessica and I were brought on to Book Cracker Caroline in February/March to be admins on the page. We came in with zero blog experience, just our love of books and wanting to share with others. So we quickly became internet buddies and started working on ARC's, writing reviews and starting to know the followers Caroline had built up.  Over the next few weeks, our contact with Caroline became very limited. We were very unsure what to do, so in typical Ashley-fashion, I took charge. We became responsible for everything happening at BCC, and we had no clue if we were doing anything right! But guess what? You all must have thought so, because we quickly gained a lot of followers.  The three of us just wanted to have fun in the book world, and BCC was our chance to express our love of authors and books to everyone!

Soon, weeks turned into months and still no communication from Caroline.  Jessie was able to contact some family and we thought possibly Caroline would be back soon. We continued to push forward, and spread our love of reading. As you know, we held games, lots of contests and giveaways, and organized two big events - our 4K Rafflecopter and the recent 5K Scavenger Hunt.  Today we sit at 5,100+ followers on the Facebook page!! We  had accomplished so much, and were newbies to this game!  While we were having a blast,  but everything we were doing was very time consuming. Now this next statement may seem selfish but, our accomplishments were not our own, they belonged to Book Cracker Caroline.

Which brings us to now. After a few discussions, Mari, Jessie and I decided to begin a transition phase to our very own, new blog - Book Crazy Gals. The three of us were given very limited access to what could be posted on the BCC Facebook page. We have so many ideas, but no way to accomplish them with the little access we have on Facebook.

So, we are asking that you continue the support you have shown us as we slowly begin to withdraw from Book Cracker Caroline's Facebook page and onto our very own book blog. We will continue to use the BCC Facebook page, but will also be creating posts here, on this website.  Within the next few months, we will start a Book Crazy Gals Facebook page. At that time, we will no longer use BCC.

Thank you for your support and love as we make this difficult but necessary change. We hope to continue seeing many of you around and visiting the same old gals, but at a new hangout.

Much Love,
Ashley, Mari and Jessie
Book Crazy Gals