Saturday, June 28, 2014


The e-reader is no longer a new device. Are you still reluctant to embrace the technology? Have you tried reading on a device? What might be holding you back?

I pose this question because I am among the population that still uses traditionally published books, or real books, as I tend to say in my classroom. However, a lot of my grown-up books are in Kindle form. I still have real books around my house, shoved in every nook and cranny I can find. Plus those treasured signed books from authors I have meet at signings.

But I digress. I am in need of a new Kindle. I have one of the orginal Kindles and loved it from the beginning, even if I was reluctant to use it!  But it died a slow death about a year ago. I do use the Kindle app on my phone and iPad. However, I hate the back light. Maybe it is my old eyes and years of reading, but I have noticed headaches and eyestrain. I think I need to get a new Kindle.

But, which one?

I have looked at the Kindle, 6" E Ink Display and it is the most basic of the Kindles available. It is light weight and small in size. Wifi is available to download books. And with Amazon Cloud, I can still have access to my extensive Kindle ebook  library.  Priced at $69.00, this seems to be a great deal.

My other options are the Kindle Paperwhite, 6" Wifi or Kindle Paperwhite, 6" 3G.  The paperwhite versions are more expensive, but are they worth the extra price? The Wifi version is priced at $119.00, so what makes it so special? Is the higher resolution worth an extra $50?

Personally, the Wifi vs 3G is not a big deal to me. Why? Because I always have my phone and I can easily download a book from there, if needed. But let's be honest. I have hundreds of unread books on my Amazon Cloud. Will I really need to download something in an instant, on the go? Doubtful.

So my friends, I ask you. What type of device do you have and love? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.  If you share your opinion in the comments, I will randomly choose one person to receive a $0.99 Kindle ebook of choice!! (Until 6/30 @8PM EST)

Much love,

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