Friday, June 27, 2014

Amazon + Twitter? Whaaa??

I love Twitter. As a teacher, I have an instant connection to collegues all over. It is instant professional development for IRL (In Real Life) job! 

But, I also love Twitter because it gives readers another platform to connect with the amazing authors in the book community.  Everyone from Judy Blume to Colleen Hoover to E.L. James can be found Tweeting.  Authors are often tweeting about their own life, or great books they are reading and/or writing.  My ramblings bring me to why I'm writing this post.....

You can now add books you see on Twitter to your Amazon cart!!!!

(I will give you a moment to let that sink in.....)

YES!! I know, I was amazed too!  It is so very easy to do, of course I checked it out! Hello?? Not only do I have a slight love affair with Amazon, I'm also a book nerd - duh.  So, if you have Twitter, the link below will explain everything. If you don't have Twitter, why? It's easy! And now you have a new way to get books!!! 

Much Love, 


Shop Amazon - #AmazonCart - Add to Your Cart Directly From Twitter