Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jamie McGuire changed my reading life

Jamie McGuire: this author is very significant in my reading life - she was my very first "indie" author.

Beautiful Distaster changed my reading life. I discovered a whole world of books I had yet to tap into.  I couldn't read fast enough, as I devoured every book I could find based on recommendations from newly made friends in online group discussions.

Even though I have read almost exclusively in the Indie Author world, some of those early books remain my favorites.

Jamie McGuire also released Walking Disaster, the story told in Travis's point of view. While there is a large debate about books releasing from a different point of view, I highly recommend this book for one reason: THE EPILOGUE. One of the best. Ever.

The final piece to Abby and Travis's story was released as a novella, A Beautiful Wedding. We find all the answers as to what really happened with their top secret elopement.

Now, the story of the Maddox Brothers is being expanded with Trent's book, Beautiful Oblivion.  It is available now and I can't wait to read it!

Do you love Travis & Abby? Have you read any of Jamie McGuire's books? Sound off in the comments!

Much love,