Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Twisted Iron

Imperfect Metal Series #2 
**Cover Reveal**
T.J. Loveless
Genre- Thriller/suspense

“If the world was going to burn, I was going to feed the flames.” 

Aiden Middleston spent years surrounded by blood and death, first in the Army, then as a mercenary. But after helping a friend survive deadly espionage, and learning his love for her will never be returned as anything more than friendship, he heads home to the family ranch in Dillon, Montana. 

Yet escaping blood and death isn’t in the cards when he lands in the middle of a range war over water rights, and a family vendetta in the blood and generations old, pulling him into the sort of life he’s been trying to escape. 

Aiden has a choice – he can use those years of killing to defend what’s his, or keep his sanity and leave one hundred thirty years of family memories and history to those willing to murder for it. 

Ashley's 5 STAR Review
Twisted Iron is full of action, military type scenes and mystery. This is book #2 in the Imperfect Metal series. While it is not completely necessary to read Fractured Steel, I highly recommend it. Although the story line is separate from the first book, character connections and relationships are carried over. 

I love a great mystery and T.J. Loveless doesn't disappoint in this novel. Aiden Middleton returns to his ancestral home in Montana to face militia type attacks for reasons unknown. Aiden must choose between saving his home, or giving up his military life style to be with a woman he has loved since childhood. 

I love how T.J. Loveless weaves characters into each other's lives. I really felt connected to Aiden as he fought the demons in his head. They way family can be far from blood related and still have your back, even with bullets flying. And she tempers the heat of fighting with a touch of kind hearted soul, Jillian. 

This is a mystery with a lot of good guy/bad guy fighting. Characters experience trauma, and deal with the aftermath, PTSD. PLEASE BE AWARE IN CASE THIS IS A SENSITIVE ISSUE. 

If you have yet to read T.J. Loveless, pick up her Imperfect Metal series today. You will not be disappointed.

Dark Storms

Reign of the Braiders #2

Cover Reveal

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


“The dark side can save a life, and knows just who to sacrifice for it.” 

Riot Rippons, demi-god and Braider, never forgave the gods for driving his mother to suicide. But carrying immortality and the ability to braid time into new endings has a price all its own – the two create an extreme evil Riot fights every moment. 

But in the darkness is a small pinpoint of light – warning him to save young, innocent, Braiders hidden from the gods to keep mortals safe. The gods found a way to track them, with plans to use the children’s power, and souls, to win ego-driven wars. 

To keep the gods from using the young Braiders and the wars from spilling into his mother’s world, he must embrace his dark side, and ally with the very gods who caused the loss of his mother. 

Riot lands on a path of choice: use the evil to end the wars and get revenge, or save the children from a fate similar to his mother. 

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About the Author-

T.J. Loveless lives with The Writing Zoo, a Hubby who prefers her mood when writing, and a teenager who loves to tells stories of Mom on the floor trying to visualize "legs all akimbo" and the long, often yelling, conversations with the computer screen.

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